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With a letter of endorsement from Roger Taylor, a presentation by Chris “Crystal” Taylor, Roger’s personal roadie and group coordinator, and a new interview with Queen’s Drummer and one with his long-standing technician, the author proudly presents his latest work.

The book is divided into three parts in which are described, every Taylor drum kit or set-up, including modifications with more than 170 pictures of Taylor and his kits, including Hardware details. A huge work with a spectrum ranging from his first kit in the 60’s,up to the last one played in 2018. Between chapters, you’ll find many new pictures and curiosities, extracts from interviews in which our drumming hero refers to his kits or his playing, details on his snares and drum heads, logos and further descriptions with information about his work as a solo artist, including collaborations and guest appearances with other artists. A kind of Taylorpedia… Just enjoy! Profits will be donated to ALS disease research

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Author’s preface

“My life is in your hands I’ll fo and I’ll fie”

First of all THANKS for buying this book to contribute to the research. This will help to fight against this terrible disease, ALS, searching for the causes and the remedies.

This book is like an album recorded by a band. It was not only written by me, but in part by many other fans who, with anecdotes, pictures, information, have made possible this work to materialize. Saying this book is ‘mine’ is not entirely true; this book is a mixture of goodwill, self-produced, with huge sacrifice by me. I had no sponsors, but a lot of friends and photographers who helped me for free, to analyse or support me bibliographically, photographically and morally. The names of these great friends will be mentioned in the acknowledgements.

Roger Taylor said in an interview in 1984: “One of my problems is that I change kits so often” (Modern Drummer)… That’s true and drove me crazy…!

Hours and hours spent looking at videos, pictures, catalogues, articles and cultural sharing with other Taylor fanatics… all in the name of  research and Rock‘n’Roll…! Anyway, don’t ask me to put my hands into the fire… my dream is still walking into Roger’s warehouses with a measuring tape to check out if what I wrote is true, admiring the woods and the chromes of his Drum Kits…

The book is structured into data sheets and chapters, ordered chronologically. It means you’ll find main chapters with the main kit developments, from the early years to the 2017 tour kit, with information about which show, video or tour he used it on.

Scattered trough the chapters, you’ll find also descriptions of the kits he played in videos or other unusual situations, which were set up in different ways or were a different type to the main chapter’s kits. You’ll find  information about his playing as a Queen member, singing or playing on others artist’s records, on his own solo or other bands works, and when he was a guest playing other drummer’s drum kits. The last thing in the ‘Taylorpedia’ is an accurate analysis on tours, TV shows, promo videos for TV, or videoclips, with a list of all the 1364 performances he did…

Every kit change or development has a new chapter.

I hope you’ll like the data sheets and the chronological order, suggested to me by Joshua Macrae. The first draft had a different order; the main chapters were in chronological order, but not the chapters about the solo work, videos and The Cross kit.

Please note: the kit diagrams are not to scale. For any questions, corrections or picture credit claims, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

About the pictures: I would like to thank all the photographers who were kind enough to donate their pictures, joining my project, which will help the research against a very widespread and dangerous disease – ALS, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

The pictures of the hardware and Snare Drums were taken from original drum catalogues or from friends who own the same items. I tried to get in touch with Ludwig, Yamaha, Premier and others, but it was impossible to get feedback. In the acknowledgements, it’s possible to identify the manufacturers who helped me directly.

With detailed pictures of the hardware and instruments, the reader will have a good impression of how the kits were set up – plus I think showing the manufacturers different products is also a good way of promoting some very good musical instruments!

This is not only a technical book; I think also a non-drummer will understand it and start to learn how a drum kit is set up, and how the beats of Taylor’s songs were created.

My work is dedicated to my family and parents; thanks to my Father, Roberto.

He was so kind to drive me to Rome in 1995 to watch with me, Roger Taylor’s “Happiness?” Tour gig at the Palladium Theatre. Years later, my Son was with me attending on two occasions, Roger Taylor and then Queen+Adam Lambert live in England…

And like Taylor wrote on “Fun In Space” – “I like it, if you don’t… Sod you!”

Cheers and thanks again for your charity contribution,

Dario Blues



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Dario Blues Di Nardo likes introspective poetry and is enthusiastically active in music, photography and writing. Already columnist for the Italian Official Queen Fan Club “We Will Rock You” and Drummer/lead Singer of the Psychedelic Rock band, “Ivor’s Friends”, he has published a poetry book, “Meandri Mentali” which will soon be recorded musically and has frequently performed as a Live Poetry Jam. He has also directed music videos for Italian Rock bands such as Phidge, Disorchestra and Virus.

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